Sword Professional Haircutting ShearsSword Professional Haircutting ShearsSword Professional Haircutting ShearsSword Professional Haircutting ShearsSword Professional Haircutting ShearsPicture of Ergo-Grip®Kamisori Dragon Shear BoxKamisori Dragon Shear Box Inside
  • Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
  • Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
  • Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
  • Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
  • Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
  • Picture of Ergo-Grip®
  • Kamisori Dragon Shear Box
  • Kamisori Dragon Shear Box Inside
(21 customer reviews)

Sword Hair Cutting Shears


The SWORD model combines Kamisori’s anatomic system with an angled sword blade that results in superior cutting performance and durability along with years of stress-free comfort on your fingers, hands, wrist, and shoulder.
  • Hand Crafted ATS-314
  • Barber's #1 pick

Add Maintenance Kit?

Includes: Four one size fits all Ergo-Grips® scissor ring inserts, Two Camilla premium oil bottles with built-in brush tip, Kamisori Sheepskin leather chamois, Three extra bumpers, and Universal tension key

Kamisori Maintenance Kit
Shear Maintenance Kit US$35.00 US$25.00

Add Custom Engraving?

Add Pro-Text SS Razor?

Buy as an Add-on with your shears and save 50%!

Pro-Text SS Professional Texturizing Razor - White US$65.00 US$32.50
PRO-SS-Texturizing Blade
Pro-Text SS Professional Texturizing Razor - Camel Brown US$65.00 US$32.50
PRO-SS-Texturizing Blade
Pro-Text SS Professional Texturizing Razor - Jade Green US$65.00 US$32.50
Feather Blade Refill
Professional Texturizing Razor Refill Blades US$20.00 US$10.00
Product price: US$480.00
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Quality is recognized in our industry: On multiple instances, Kamisori shears have been voted the best. (American Salon Pro’s Choice, Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (multi-year), Hairdresser Journal, Canadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite tools to name some).

This model comes with:

  • Exclusive Kamisori lifetime warranty
  • Shear Oil
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Luxury Kamisori case

Additional information


6.5", 6", 7.5", 7"


Left-Handed, Right-Handed

Star Rating


Handle Type



Multi-Cutting Technique

Tension System

Super Durable Ball-Bearing system

Type of Edge

Kamisori Japanese 3D Convex

Type of Finger Rest



20-25 Years

Steel Information

KAMISORI ATS314 Alloy Steel Properties

Specially-formulated KAMISORI ATS314 Japanese alloy steel is used for this model.

  • High durability & versatility
  • Stainless
  • High agility (beneficial in advanced techniques)
  • High Rockwell hardness
  • Low impurities

Chemical Composition

C Si Mn Cr Mo V Co Hardness
ATS-314 1.2-1.3 0.40 0.40 15.00 1.10 0.10 1.50 HRC62

Steel Brand: HITACHI Steel

Place of Origin: Toyko, Japan

Size Guide

Size 6” 6.5” 7” 7.5” Texturizer
Blade Size 67mm 75mm 86mm 98mm 74mm
Ring Size 21mm 22mm 22mm 21mm 21mm
Blade Width 11mm 12mm 13mm 14mm 9mm
Teeth Width n/a n/a n/a n/a 13mm
Tip Size 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 5mm
Teeth Tip n/a n/a n/a n/a 7mm
Depth Size 6mm 7mm 7mm 6mm 6mm
Weight 57 g 65 g 69 g 73 g 63 g


VIDEO CREDIT: @lookinggoodfeelinggoodzac

21 reviews for Sword Hair Cutting Shears

  1. Ryan Hana

    Love the slight weight on the blades. It's a pleasure to work with for scissor over combs.

  2. Mike Hassan

    I went through a handful of Hanzo Hattori scissors and wasn’t fully satisfied so I bought a pair of Kamisori Sword 7.0 inch scissors and they are far more superior.

  3. Jason H

    Very happy with these scissors. I bought Sword 65 , revolve swivel thinners and h2 razors, 5 star quality.

  4. Kingsy Al


  5. Steven Doyle

    I came across this model on Instagram right after I purchased my Hattori Hanzo Kamikaze model which where around $1500. Saw the price of this and decided to order as well since they got a 15 day return. They arrived super fast and tested them and I was blown away how good these felt and cut. The Hanzos which I felt were mediocre and definitely not worth the price so I tried to return them and they gave me such a hard time in doing so. If anyone is considering the Kamikaze or this sword model I 100% recommend the Sword. Even if they were equal in price the Sword is much better.

  6. Ashley Larson

    Love the feel (and price) of this shear!

  7. Khoi Lieu (verified owner)

    These babies are a must for dry point cutting! I had a pair of 7inch shears 10yrs ago that got damaged from salon drama and I have been looking since then. I originally ordered the 6 and 7.5 in the dragon set and although I thought the 6 could be my scissor over comb replacement it wasn’t as balanced in that cutting position, it suited straight line cutting but I already had that. I ordered the 7.5 cause I thought I’d go one step above but it also felt unbalance with too much weight on the blade side for when I point cut dry. Alas through great service I was settled on the 7 inch!!! I deal with mainly asian hair so forget “butter” cause sometimes I forget I am cutting hair from the zero resistance I get against thick the coarse hair. I paid almost triple the amount for the last shear I had but this sword’s performance tops this by far. Get these if your heavy handed dry point cutter, you will be so surprised by the quality for price. Weapon of choice!

  8. Roger Davis

    This set is everything I was looking for! Great price for great quality shear set. Thank you!

  9. Michelle Robinson

    I am in love with this scissors! I got it from my nona for xmas best gift ever! They cut like butter.

  10. Robert Fredrickson

    Epic barber shears. They have the perfect amount of weight and the blade cuts through very well. Love the fact they come in so many sized. I got the master set. Truely Amazing.

  11. Oscar L

    The 7.5" is a little too long for my taste and doesn't cut at the tip but the 7" is perfect for me. Flawless cuts and amazing balance.

  12. Betty Lekermen

    Great for barbers. They are good quality.

  13. Leslie T

    amazing quality on both the shear and thinner.

  14. Arevik Nicolau

    I been barbering for 12 years and have always used Kamisori. These sword models are by far my favorite barbering shears.

  15. Dora Christina

    I finally decided to ditch my h shear and gave this a try. These are similar to my old ones but far less in price. To my surprise the quality is actually a lot better than my h shears.

  16. Rosine Oliver

    Best set of scissors I ever used.

  17. Alexandrie Vincent

    This shear model looks amazing and cuts better than it looks. The sword style blade makes it perfect for scissor over comb cuts.

  18. shannon jude (verified owner)

    i love these. i use these for everything. my go to blades.

  19. Bea Ellerbeck

    I bought this shear for scissoring Poodles ( yes - dogs ) after failing to find a quality shear among dog scissors .
    Sword is a stunningly made scissor - when you hold it - you will understand why it cost so much - but when you use it - you realise you would happily pay twice as much - truly a piece of art - fits my tiny hands like a glove ; cut evens the thickest coat with ease , and super light - I am over the moon and can’t wait for the Sword texturizer to arrive ( already ordered ) - thank you Kamisori for crafting such a beautiful shear - I have for the first time in 3 years enjoyed scissoring

  20. Damian69 (verified owner)

    Just received my Sword 7.5”. I’m a barber. I’ve been using Hanzo’s Talon 7” for three years. I’ve been in the business for 20 yrs. these are truly the best shears I have ever used. Super sharp. Super comfortable. You will definitely know the difference between Kamisori’s and other shears. Thank you 🙏🏼

  21. Kol

    I’ve not been cutting hair professionally for long, so I’ve mostly been using amateur equipment through the years. When I started school to get my license, I started looking at the top shears in the market based on reviews and price. Also, I went around to several local salons and asked to hold shears and brands if they would allow me, to see how they felt compared to my school shears (training wheels). I was only able to hold one Kamisori, but immediately looked it up. With what I felt compared to all the others, the reviews, and the price, I was sold! I bought my sword as my graduation present to myself (a little early, but I like me), and don’t think I’ll ever go to another brand. Been out of school and in the shop for awhile now, and all my coworkers want my shears, and many clients compliment how great they look. I couldn’t be happier!

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