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Diamond Professional Texturizing Shears
Diamond Thinning Shears


(11 customer reviews)
One of Kamisori's more powerful texturizers used by countless platform artists. Great for advanced texturizing, thinning, and blending, super fine teeth will not leave marks or damage hair. Hand-made in Japan by a senior craftsman.
Featherlite Professional Haircutting Shears
Featherlite Hair Cutting Shears


(2 customer reviews)
World's lightest professional hairdressing shears. Forged and ergonomically designed by master craftsmen in Japan.
  • Extreme weight relief
  • Ultimate comfort and durability
  • Perfect for slice, blunt and point cutting
Jade Professional Haircutting Shears
Jade & Rosa Hair Cutting Shears


(19 customer reviews)
Hand crafted by traditional Japanese blade-smiths who believe in nothing but shear perfection. The handle is burnished from genuine Japanese sterling silver while the blade is forged ATS-314 cobalt stainless super steel for the highest level of sharpness, durability, and agility. Great for slice, point, and blunt cutting on both wet and dry hair.
Kaos Professional Haircutting Shears
Kaos Hair Cutting Shears


(13 customer reviews)
Often photographed and spoken in high regard, the Kamisori Kaos is often imitated but NEVER duplicated. The original dragon model that started the whole 'dragon style' shears culture. PRECIOUS METAL: The dragon handle is made and burnished from genuine Japanese sterling silver while the blade is forged ATS-314 cobalt stainless super steel.
Kobura II Hair Cutting Shears


(9 customer reviews)
Made in Japan from VG-1 SS super steel, this model is perfect for scissor-over-comb, wet and dry cutting. Given the right care, this model can last for 25+ years!
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Crafted in Japan
Parana II Texturizing Shears


(12 customer reviews)
Exclusive only to Kamisori, the Parana texturizer allows the user to adjust the amount of hair being cut! Simply turn the dial and select either 10%, 20%, or 30% hair to remove. When this is done, the gap between the teeth adjusts and allows more or less hair to be cut using Kamisori’s patented blade technology.
  • Adjustable cut percentage
  • All-in-one: Thin, Texture, and Chop
Revolver Professional Texturizing Shears
Revolver III Thinning Shears


(2 customer reviews)
Designed to meet the needs of advanced hair artists seeking ergonomic tools. Ultra-smooth ring-to-tip operation, flexible Japanese forged steel, ball-bearing tension system, and an anatomic double-swivel handle. This model is a must for those professionals looking for high-end swivel shears that will last a lifetime.
Serenity Professional Haircutting Shears
Serenity Hair Cutting Shears


(9 customer reviews)
The Serenity model is hand-crafted in Japan with only precision and durability in mind, while keeping the cost affordable for a high-end shear. There is a reason why the six-star Serenity has been in the Kamisori line since the company was founded and has maintained its high rank. It's just that good.
Shadow Professional Haircutting Shears
Shadow Hair Cutting Shears


The Sword special edition model, SHADOW offers an extraordinary titanium finish over its superior ATS314 Cobalt Japanese steel for added durability. Limited production. Functions and features are similar to the Sword.
Storm Professional Texturizing Shears
Storm Texturizing Shears


(11 customer reviews)
Great tool for chunking, notching and blending.
  • Removes 40-50%
  • Hand-made Japanese Steel
Sword Professional Haircutting Shears
Sword Hair Cutting Shears


(21 customer reviews)
The SWORD model combines Kamisori’s anatomic system with an angled sword blade that results in superior cutting performance and durability along with years of stress-free comfort on your fingers, hands, wrist, and shoulder.
  • Hand Crafted ATS-314
  • Barber's #1 pick
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