Highly recommended- KAMISORI Professional Shears Maintenance Kit

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Your shears are a big investment and maintaining them should be essential for maximum performance and durability.  This maintenance kit is a must have for all Kamisori shears.

Kamisori shear maintenance kit contains the following:
1.        One 5.75” X 5.75” natural lambskin chamois for clean and dry your scissors.
2.        Two premium camellia oil pens with oil brush built-in to keep your shears well oiled to protect warranty
(all Kamisori shears come with a standard small bottle of oil that will last a couple months but these two larger oil bottles should last you at least a couple years).   
3.        One universal key to apply adjustment of tension on any pivot screws or swivels.
4.        Two bumpers for backup when needed.
5.        Three clear finger sizing ring inserts to adjust finger ring size should it be required.  
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